Meet Our Amazing Team

Logan Montague


Meet Logan, CEO and sole owner of Socially Logan Marketing! Logan started Socially Logan Marketing after working in Corporate Marketing for some time. She has a passion for helping companies bring their visions to life and seeing massive results. It is her mission to make your business stand out among the competition while being relatable to your audience in a way that makes it impossible to refuse your offer!

Johnette Wilhelmi

Account Manager/SMM

Johnette lives in the midwest with her husband and their two daughters. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa and loves cheering on the Hawkeyes whenever she has the chance. In her free time, you can find her spending time with her family, being outdoors, attending a concert, or traveling! Her passion for helping others, drive for success and love for a good challenge are what led her to pursue her career in social media and account management. She strives to help businesses grow and scale by creating, optimizing, publishing, and managing content through a variety of online channels.

Jaclyn Rocco

Account Manager/SMM

Jaclyn is an Indiana resident who loves visiting the warmer states to visit family as often as possible. She has a son that is the light of her world and the reason she loves being able to be in social media and account management as it allows her extra time to soak up the sweet moments with him. She believes that if it was placed on your heart, there’s a reason for it! As an Account Manager at Socially Logan Marketing, she is here to make you feel confident that your social media channels are working for you. While Jaclyn has years of experience in brand and social media management, in addition to working as a Social Media Manager and Account Manager, Jaclyn also owns and operates an online boutique. Talk about dedication!

Isabelle Hillebrand

Ads Specialist

Isabelle lives in Montreal, Canada who loves to travel the world whenever possible. She has a twin brother and is bilingual, speaking French and English fluently. She has been working in digital marketing for the last 5 years and has been an advertising specialist for the last 3 years. She recently left her corporate marketing job to pursue agency and freelance work full time and has worked with some seriously amazing companies! Being in this role allows Isabelle to provide our clients with the best service, experience, and forward-thinking knowledge to optimize your ads and generate the leads, sales, and ROI’s you’re looking for.

Danielle Rizzo

Project Manager

Danielle is a Maryland resident with almost a decade of experience who truly loves what she does! She loves all things organization and can even be a little OCD- to your benefit ;). As a mother of 4, time is very precious, so it is important to schedule your time and work in a way that is the most efficient. She prides herself on developing relationships with clients and understanding their “voice” and goals.

Her advice to everyone:

Choose how you spend your time.

Choose to be present.

Give over the work that you don’t need to do.

Remove the obstruction.

That doesn’t need to be there anyway.

Be present for all the moments that matter to you.