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As a leading social media agency, we help level up your social media strategy through proven practices, tailored to your brand.

Leading Social Media Agency

Socially Logan Marketing is an upscale, fun yet professional social media marketing agency led by Logan herself and a team of experts to provide clients with the most up-to-date marketing tactics out there.

We pride ourselves in the level of relationships we form with clients and the success we bring to the table.

Our Purpose

At Socially Logan Marketing, we provide key marketing services to clients across the globe, though social media is where we started and our core offering: both organic and paid. Our process begins with an audit, a strategy, execution, fine-tuning, and reporting. Socially Logan Marketing focuses on providing audiences, to reach, engage, and convert their target audience into advocates and returning customers. Building an impactful audience is key.

Our four key areas include social media, branding/design, influencer management, and overall marketing strategy across channels. Our team is highly skilled in researching and understanding the needs and wants of our clients, enabling us to provide the best service possible and form an amazing partnership.

Social Media

Stay connected with your audience, grow your brand reputation, and drive sales through social media channels. We offer services in both organic and paid social media, each going through our proven process tailored to your brand. This includes an audit of current channels, strategy, design, and execution, social listening, reporting, and much more!


Starting a new business or need help re-branding an old one? Our team is ready to help! Whether it be branded social media templates, a new logo, or a full website, we can bring your brand to life in vision form!

Influencer Management

You probably see influencers all over social media promoting products that you inevitably want to buy. Influencers have become a popular way to convert sales as they have larger platforms themselves. When utilizing influencers in your target market, you can reach a wider audience, grow brand awareness, and get their followers to become your loyal customers! We do our research on your niche and find the best influencers at different levels to reach your goals.

Marketing Strategy

Creating an overall marketing strategy can be overwhelming, but the good news is we’ve been doing it for years. We know exactly how to map out your various platforms and channels to have them all tie together but each complete their role. Our strategies are tailored to your brand to align your channels to level up your business and generate sales.

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    Core offerings

    • Organic &paid Social Media
    • Branding/design
    • Influencer Management
    • Marketing Strategy

    About Logan

    Owner of Socially Logan Marketing

    Hey friends, I’m so excited you’re here! I’m your short (4’10”) owner with an extreme drive for success. While I’ve got a bubbly, outgoing personality, I’ve also got a no BS attitude and will give tough love when needed in order to see success. As the CEO at Socially Logan Marketing, I oversee our day-to-day operations and client communications, as well as overall strategies for clients we work with, ensuring we provide you with everything you need to succeed. I’ve worked with some awesome, big-name brands as well as small businesses over the years and have learned to tailor goals and expectations to your particular type of business in order to see the greatest impact.


    I have a passion for traveling and love exploring new places as often as possible. Work/life balance is huge for me and is one of the many reasons for starting this agency. In the evenings you can catch me working out, followed by being curled up on my couch with a glass of wine reading a book.